What we do and why we need your help

We work in part with local Animal Control officers. We love and appreciate those officers so very much, and we recognize all the hard work they do, BUT there is sadness in knowing that there is a very limited budget at the county and state levels for taking on the care and keeping of the animals that are seized from the abuse and neglect situations.


If HNBAR or other rescues are not there to take on the animals seized, then law enforcement is limited in the help that they can give. Some animals are left with no help and may die and there are some counties that have no choice but to encourage people to send abused and neglected animals to auction where predatory meat buyers can buy them. For some horses this means long trips to Canada or Mexico for slaughter for foreign dinner tables (See Slaughter Facts). For Draft horses this can mean long flights to Japan for slaughter. There are many “buyers” there at the auction that are buying those animals as cheaply as possible and then they “flip” the animal to make a profit not caring about their health or behavioral history, thus putting the horses and the people that buy them at risk. These neglected and abused animals that thought that life was going to get better after months or years of suffering are not adopted and are not given the chance to become a cherished companion or spoiled family pet.

Rescues take on these animals from their hearts, and not their pocketbooks so that they can truly give these animals the bright and sunny outcome we all hope for; however, this cannot happen without YOU! More than ever we need the help and support of friends like you. We need you to effect change and improve the lives of these poor abused and neglected animals.  Can you help give them a chance to be loved, cherished, safe and healthy?  A small gift can help make that happen today.


A local pet food bank that helps offer food, litter and sometimes vet funds to help keep pets in their homes.  Families can run into hard times and sometimes feel like they must send their pets to animal shelters to get the animals the care they need.  Through offering supportive services we help animals stay with their family.





We are a group of professionals working together to actively promote the welfare and protection of horses and other equines. By working to end horse slaughter and other forms of equine cruelty, provide care and homes to horses in need, advance the highest operating standards for equine rescue and retirement homes and promote responsible horse ownership, the Homes for Horses Coalition is actively engaged in improving the lives of America’s equines.

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Our Mission is to take in horses, livestock or other animals that have been neglected abused, or face slaughter or euthanasia. We assist these animals through proper veterinary care, nutrition and socialization to return to health. Through helping animals, we set an example of putting compassion in to action in our community.

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Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue

9604 Harmony Rd

 Sheridan, OR 97378

Your donations go directly to care of the animals.  



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