Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue (HNBAR)

HNBAR was founded in 2006 when a tragic accident took the life of a man who had several horses.  His widow was not involved with the animals, so she didn't know what to do. When Joy learned of this she just knew in her heart that it was her calling to step in and help this woman and the animals that were left behind. The calls to help animals didn't stop after that, so on August 3, 2011 HNBAR became an official 501c3 Animal Rescue.

HNBAR is run entirely by volunteers, and funding comes from the community or grants. The rescue focuses on taking in horses, livestock or other domestic animals that have been neglected or abused. The animals are provided with veterinary care, proper nutrition and given a chance to have proper socialization with humans so that they can be placed in loving, safe forever homes.

Animals come into HNBAR through owner surrender, law enforcement personnel, community referrals and from local auctions.

HNBAR also assists animals that have homes, but are in need to find a new one by helping the owners advertise and network.  We also help animals find homes that are in kill pens or other shelters/rescues. HNBAR will assist owners in screening prospective homes to help make good matches that will save animals from going to auction or becoming at risk for neglect.

HNBAR has helped rescue over 700 animals since being founded and we hope that with your help we can continue to increase that number!

HNBAR believes that through having children and families volunteer to work directly with  the animals on their rehabilitation journey that we are providing a place to see compassion in action while offering a fun experience. The compassion we build in our children today will help ensure a future for the animals.



David Laudahl is Joy's husband and Co-Founder of HNBAR.  David does a lot of the heavy lifting at the rescue. David is also the Co-Owner of First Op Manufacturing in Salem Oregon.

Joy Laudahl is the Founder of HNBAR. She has a B.S. Degree in Sociology from O.S.U. and is trained in animal body scoring, emergency response, and is certified in large animal rescue.

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Our Mission is to take in horses, livestock or other animals that have been neglected abused, or face slaughter or euthanasia. We assist these animals through proper veterinary care, nutrition and socialization to return to health. Through helping animals, we set an example of putting compassion in to action in our community.

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Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue

9604 Harmony Rd

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Your donations go directly to care of the animals.  



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