• Our policy at this time is to adopt our animals to families that live locally in Oregon. This allows us to help support you and the animal better after adoption, and if there is a need to to return the animal for any reason it makes that process easier for everyone, but most importantly for the animal.  WE DO NOT SHIP ANIMALS.

  • Since we focus on Physical & Nutritional Rehabilitation, many of the horses in our care will need their new family to provide the training they need. Since these are rescues we cannot guarantee their level of training, and we find that all animals adapt and change to their environment, so how an animal acts here with us could be different in a new situation. Every adoption allows for a 30-day trial and if things do not work out then you may arrange to bring the animal back and get a full refund of your adoption fee. After 30 days you may arrange to bring the animal back but there is no refund of any fees.

  • Beginner level horses or "Babysitter/Husband" horses are considered "Dream Horses", they are not usually the ones that come into rescue, but they do at times. Most of our horses are going to require that the new owners work with them to learn what training they have, and what training they need. We always suggest working with a reputable trainer when adopting or buying a new horse.

  • All adoptions require a contract.

  • There is no adoption application. You can contact us about the animal you are interested in through our Facebook Messenger. We will then contact you to discuss the animal, and take the time to get to know you a bit and what you are looking for in the animal companion. We will then work with you to schedule a "Meet & Greet". 


  • Since many of our animals come from abuse and neglect situations, we need to know that there is a good match between the adopter and the animal. Sometimes the pictures and background sound perfect, but when the adopter and animal actually meet there is not a "connection" between the two. 

  • Meet & Greet Sessions are usually held on Mondays when we have multiple volunteers available, and the sessions usually run 30 - 60 minutes. 

  • You will only meet with the specific animal(s) you are interested in and ones that we feel match with you best.  Unfortunately, we are not able to do meet & greets with every animal that is available for adoption, since we have so many animals to care for, we do have to be mindful of our time so that the animals are getting the care that they need and deserve.

Please be on time for your appointment as we may have other appointments scheduled after your time. 

We thank you for your help and understanding. 

  • Some adoptions will require that a home check is made before placing the animal. This depends on the animal and its history.

  • We may require a background check

  • We do request personal and veterinary references.

  • We reserve the right to deny an adoption for any reason, as we always have to keep the well being of our rescues as the top priority.​




Our Mission is to take in horses, livestock or other animals that have been neglected abused, or face slaughter or euthanasia. We assist these animals through proper veterinary care, nutrition and socialization to return to health. Through helping animals, we set an example of putting compassion in to action in our community.

Our Mailing address:

Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue

9604 Harmony Rd

 Sheridan, OR 97378

Your donations go directly to care of the animals.  



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