Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue and supporting us in our efforts to re-home rescue horses, livestock and other animals.  Having a happy, healthy and secure animal is a result of stability, routine, correct handling and training, nutrition and care. We are devoted to providing the very best care possible to these souls that come to us for our help. These animals have been through a lot and deserve our best efforts now to help them overcome any issues and prepare them for new homes.


As a volunteer, we ask that you are willing to learn, take direction, work independently, and make a regular time commitment.  In exchange, you’ll be doing something worthwhile with your spare time, help instill compassion for animals in our youth who see your example.  As a bonus, you will have the opportunity to learn more about these incredible animals and to share in the joy of seeing them move on to their new homes with their own special people!

Please be aware that your commitment to volunteer on-site at the rescue on a certain day and time forms the basis for our activity planning for each day of our week. We request that you consider your commitment very carefully and that you can be relied upon. The animals do not understand that their dinner is late because the volunteer, who had committed to help out on that day and time, couldn’t make it. They still need care, regardless of the heat, cold, rain, ice or snow.

Since most of our rescue animals are from unknown backgrounds, are large (horses or livestock) and some may have behavioral issues, we must consider the health and safety of the animals and our volunteers, so at times we may not have a position or task suitable for inexperienced volunteers or for those of a young age.  For daily care, we need people that have large animal experience and understand how to keep themselves and the animals they are working with safe while working with and around them.  We need workers that can learn quickly and work independently with minimal supervision. 


We encourage youths to come with their family or a parent/legal guardian on one of our planned work days.  Planned work days are announced on our Facebook page.  These work days usually happen in the spring, summer and Fall, and focus on larger tasks around the property and are more youth appropriate.

Rescue and farm work is not for everyone, as it is a lot of hard, dirty, out in the weather work. We rely on our volunteers and request that this commitment, should you make it, be taken very seriously, so we encourage you to come spend a test work day with us. Please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss our current opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you!

Children & Junior Volunteers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and work as a team due to the nature of working with and around large animals. Those age 16 up may be allowed to volunteer without an adult, however, this will have to be reviewed by leadership on a case-by-case basis due to liability and the nature of working around and with large animals that have been abused and neglected and can be unpredictable. 

Please tell us what DAYS and TIMES you are available to volunteer and if you can commit to this same schedule on a weekly basis, or how often you could commit to volunteering.  VOLUNTEER HOURS USUALLY START AROUND 8am AND END BY 3pm ON WEEKDAYS.


The rescue is on private property and we must work around and respect the schedules of the property owners, so we do not have regular volunteer time on the weekends.  Weekends are reserved for specially scheduled volunteer days only.

I Want to Volunteer!

Harmony new Beginnings Animal Rescue is located on a private property so out of respect for the residents of the property we will hold organized work days based on the property owners schedules.

During the spring and summer we try to plan to have work party days on Saturday's as needed and these days are announced on our Facebook page.  There may also be additional days available if agreed on in advance.

During the winter months the work does not stop, in fact it increases and we still need help.  Work party days may need to be changed based on weather conditions.